Whatever the content or subject, it has been my experience that a “Cause and Effect” approach to teaching is the most effective method. Because my method is application, each exercise I prescribe (whether in individual instruction or group clinics) is done in such a manner that the exact desired outcome is achieved directly as a result. It is quicker and more accurate. Effective and efficient!

Although a picture can tell a thousand stories, the experience of one story is ALWAYS BETTER. When “descriptions” and “observations” become more important than or a substitute for the “ABILITY to DO,” YOUR learning will become the casualty!

I recognize there are many avenues to artistic perception and creativity and each student learns in a very individual way. Obviously to understand the basic principles underlying any endeavor is important, but just telling you “WHAT to do” does nothing to “HELP YOU do.” You have to know “HOW TO DO.” That can only be realized BECAUSE OF experience – YOUR experience.

Ability involves the coordination of many actions and thoughts. It requires not only the capacity to multi-task, but most importantly the proficiency to multi-focus. That is why each exercise will act first as a mechanical assist and, in doing so, become a psychological assist.

Additionally, I prefer to communicate using language that has a definite functional and mechanical relationship specific to you and the individual needs of your demands. Purposely guiding YOUR descriptions to ONLY follow YOUR experiences – not before – ensures your deepest and fullest understanding of the process of learning.
Instructional Approach

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